Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposer Review

Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposer

If you appreciate the convenience of your under-sink garbage disposal gives you and you must replace it, you’ll discover several of the newest versions by Waste King are acceptable substitutes. Disposers just like the Waste King 9980 really are a good selection if your main issue in sticking having a reduced or entry-level to mid-level price range. This sam-e unit h-AS mincing strength that is decent, but it is not always the most quiet food disposer in the marketplace. Nonetheless, when value is the chief factor, the Waste King 9980 might be worth your consideration. Some shows of the the machine include:
A 2800-RPM high speed motor that gives enough energy to grind food up with regularity and acceptable pace to the unit.

Waste King 9980 Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer
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The the machine is useful in the event that you’d like a disposer that is likely to last you some time also, as the grinding parts are made of corrosion stuff that is free.
The easy setup makes the Waste King 9980 the ideal option for the do it yourself-er with plumbing knowledge that is minimal.
The inclusion of sound padding helps to lessen a few of the background level associated with this device.

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They have the following features:

  • 1.0 horsepower motor
  • LIFE in-home service guarantee – whenever you locate a physical or material flaw on your disposer throughout the warranty period. Waste King service agents will come change it free of cost. Merely call their support associates at 1-800-854-3229 with your version. Good to know: Waste guarantees will be the longest on the market.
  • Lifetime corrosion guarantee
  • Continuous feed units
  • EZ sink mount method (Waste King Legend 8000) that supplies a no-hassle facility OR a specialist 3-bolt sink mount system (Waste King 9980) which has long-lasting stainless steel mounting parts
  • Safe for septic tanks that are properly sized
  • 36-inch cord contained

In making it more easy to install the small, streamlined design of the Waste King 9980 helps. It weighs just over 14 lbs. The the machine itself measures 9.8″ x 9.8″ x 17.5″ in all. This made in the united states garbage disposer. Like many of the Waste King disposers, the 9980 version gets a black coloured connection on the very best of the disposer, plus the stainless steel exterior with marking that is gold and red. The unit is sold with a 90-degree elbow that is around the right or left side of the the system. The shoulder hooks directly to some waste line.

Dimensions & Power / Noise

The Waste King 9980 has a relatively quiet operation. But it is by no means silent. Despite insulation that is sound. The unit is not noiseless. The noise level is is at reason. Especially considering we are discussing a garbage disposal that can mill up tough food waste and animal bones that are small. Some sound hails from in the the system, along with the noise has a tendency to increase when the food waste is not slightly easy to grind or when there is a higher number of waste in the disposer. A Whenever the engine engages for the very first time, a loud click can be observed: in case you happen to be particularly sound sensitive This can prove irritating.

Feed & Grinder

Together with the 2800 high speed engine you get electricity that is routine that is adequate. It is possible to mill up even and stringy meals onion skins, that are typical things recognized to clog-up many models. The disposer’s durability is undoubtedly ensured by the rust free components. The constant feed actions makes adding food waste easy, but the the machine may possibly block, particularly if you’re losing fibrous foods issue should you move to rapidly.

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Advantage of the Waste 9980
  • It will be possible to put in the the system by yourself as a single job. The setup may take one to two hours, depending upon the intricacy of your under skin hook up.
  • The three- link creates a a good fit between the upper part of the disposer and the bottom of the sink.
  • The setup manual which comes with the device is comprehensive and easy to understand.
  • The value of the the machine causes it to be the ideal choice for the budget conscious.
Disadvantage of the Component Waste 9980
  • In case the install is taken on by you it could be a bit difficult. It may also take longer to finish the install. The primary dilemma is the fact that while the the machine is lightweight, it is still not a little light for just one person to to keep into place while attaching the unit.
  • The 9980 creates a noisy, possibly irritating, clanking noise when the unit first participates.
  • You may need an adapter to help make the device fit accurately for those who have a cast iron sink that features a design that is overseas.
  • Sometimes meals issue is caught on the center of the slicing wheel plus it’ll sit there without heading down to the milling step. The the machine needs to be shutdown, at these times, and you are going to need to unclog the component.

Do’s / Don’ts

  • Use a scissor jack to maintain the the system in place while the connection is made by you, in case you install the unit on your own.
  • Lubricate the inside of the unit as focused by utilizing liquid dish soap.
  • Test all the seals by running hot water through the unit to ensure there are no leaks.


The Waste King 9980 isn’t necessarily the top of the line garbage removal, but it will suit those who find themselves trying to save on funds. As you may have to adapt to the sound the the machine produces an investing in the 9980 needs a little compromise. The disposer has a routine that is strong, but is sometimes susceptible to blocking. It’s possible for you to find more details on our home page for the best disposers on the market. We wish you find our Waste 9980 Garbage Disposer review helpful.

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